What the Kids at A.P. Terhune Elementary Had to Say About Winning the Follett Challenge

by Beth DeMayo, Fourth Grade Teacher

A.P. Terhune Elementary School, Wayne, NJ, a semifinalist and the People’s Choice winner in the 2014 Follett Challenge

“It means so much to me that my school can have e-books to read over the summer, to read in school, and even in media class. Our school is filled with excellence and winning the Follett Challenge really shows our school has pride, confidence, and luck!”–Kayla S

On April 16th, we all bustled into the Media Center, overflowing with excitement, to watch the live announcement for the winners of the Follett Challenge. You could feel the excitement in the air. “It felt like New Year’s Eve as we watched the seconds count down,” said Beth DeMayo.

terhune beth maggie Terhune drums photographing cover Terhune Elementary 1 Everyone cheered as soon as they saw we had won…but then we were shocked! We realized not only had we won the People’s Choice, but we were also Semifinalist in the Elementary division! This meant we had won a total of $35,000 in Follett products and services! We were astonished.

To realize all of our hard-work and effort brought our school such success was very touching. “We could never have done this without the help and support of the entire Wayne community,” added Margarita Carruthers, Library Media Specialist.

With our very generous prize, we are looking forward to adding titles to our general collection, purchasing new series, and enhancing our Playaway selection. Additionally, we hope to build up the individual classroom libraries, create Read-At-Home backpacks, and purchase books for next year’s author visit. We cannot thank Follett enough for its generosity and support!

Quotes from some of the other students:

“Winning proves anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”–Jayden R.

“Winning the Follett Challenge means so much to me. It means that we can get more e-books and books from Follett. I am grateful that we won for our school. I cannot thank Ms. DeMayo and Mrs. Carruthers enough for our wonderful victory at the Follett Challenge.”–Kaylyn L.

 “Winning is the best thing in forever! Thank you!”–Anardi C.

 “It means a lot! We worked so hard. Thanks!” –Gianna C.

“Winning this contest is a dream come true because when you put your mind to winning anything can happen!” –Rocco P.

 “Winning is great if you do it with your friends!”–Chelsea L.

“Winning the Follett Challenge means so much because we worked so hard!”–Joseph R.

 “Winning was so cool!”–Josh B.

“Winning means a lot to us! Thank you!”–Lindsay C.

“Winning means we tried our best and everyone at A.P.T. is so happy!”–Bryn O.

 “It means so much to our school! Thank you so much.” –Natalie S.

 “Winning the Follett Challenge is a dream come true!”–Zaymien O.

 “It means a lot to win the Follett Challenge because we can choose books for our school!”–Trevor M.

 “Winning means everything to my school because we get new books!” –Joseph Y.

 “It means a lot to us to be chosen as the top Elementary School because it means we’re the best!” –Talia B.

 “Winning earned us books and stuff to learn with!”–Naomi F.


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