BusyLibrarian.com shares insights on Follett Challenge




If you’re active on social media and follow library types, you most likely know of Matthew Winner, author of the BusyLibrarian.com blog. Matthew is a librarian at in Maryland, and his widely read blog is about all things related to the life of an elementary teacher librarian. Matthew is an avid gamer, a persistent reader, an author (of a forthcoming Wii Learning professional resource), and recently learned about the opportunity of the Follett Challenge while attending AASL in Hartford, CT.

On December 15, Matthew discussed the Follett Challenge in his blog, calling it “an opportunity for you to share your school’s story with the world, to share the way innovation is changing your school, and to involve your students in reaching thousands of others through your message.” Here is a link to the blog. Take Matthew’s advice and let the world know about the ways you are innovating!

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