A Grand Prize Winner Shares Why You Should Enter the Follett Challenge

shelving SOS class

by Patrice Bryan, Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

If you’re anything like us at MRH, it’s been a long hard road to achieving real innovation. Considering the constraints of the current educational landscape and the anxiety everyone’s feeling over yet another standards shift to Common Core, it often feels like real innovation in education gets put on the back burner while we focus on mere compliance. At MRH we have a saying, “Compliance as a last resort.” That doesn’t mean we don’t comply with educational mandates, it means that our real work goes way above and beyond compliance.

Is it great to win $60K? You bet! But more important was the validation that our efforts have been fruitful, our creativity truly knows no bounds, and most important, that we’re moving in the right direction.Taking the time out to showcase what we’re doing was well worth the effort. We never expected to win; it was more about clarifying our narrative and focusing our vision of next steps.

Think big. Dream big. Enter the Follett Challenge.

Validation is fuel.

Patrice Bryan
Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

SOS in the R&D



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